Welcome to Verve 2k17!


Annual Techno-Cultural fest has been christened with the name 'VERVE', since this provides a platform to students to showcase their talent, which is done by all with a lot of zeal and vigor and it also creates an environment of liveliness. All these qualities signify the true meaning of VERVE 2k17.

Celebrate with us.

Verve shows the importance of having an all-rounder personality. It will not only bend you in an entertaining mood but at the same time make you THINK, CREATE and INNOVATE. This two-days national level event offers mega events like Technozia, Vogue, Rythmic Dance, etc. that not only foster creativity and imagination, but also make the environment come alive.

Verve 2k17 - at a glance

  • 2March

    Witness the grand opening of Verve 2k17!

  • 2March

    Take part in world class photography event.

  • 2March

    The two-day LAN gaming event of Verve, comprised of games like NFS-MW, CS, Fifa etc. Up for the challenge?

  • 3March

    Rythmic Squad
    Like dancing? Think your group is the best to those western beats? Come and show us!

  • 3March

    Experience the live performances of Singers! If you are the one amongst, come and participate!

  • 3March

    Celebrity Night
    Catch ....... performing LIVE!


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